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Tama County Supervisors by: Joyce Wiese

October 28, 2011
Northern-Sun Print
Monday morning Tama County Supervisors met with Randy Currens, Emergency Management Director,, to discuss a 28E Agreement for Mutual Assistance for Tama County Rescue Services and Tama County Fire Service. Currens says the previous 28 E Agreement is outdated and needs to be updated. The 2011 28 EAgreement for Mutual Assistance was presented to the Tama County Board of Supevisors for approval. Thids agreement requires the creation of a Tama County Joint E911 Ser vice Board andService Plan with participation of all public safety agencies, which include firefighting, police, ambulance, Emergency Medical Services through which emergency E911 communication by the public and by public agencies for the public can be made, and the Tama Coiunty Joint E911 Service Board should be a participant in and signatory to this Agreement. Municipalities expected to become signatories to this new agreement are listed as follows. Cities of Chelsea, Clutier, Dysart, Elberon, Garwin, Gladbrook, Lincoln, Montour, Tama, Toledo, Traer, Vining, Belle Plaine, Beaman, Conrad, LeGrand, Reinbeck, LaPorte, Hudson, Gilman, Green Mountain, Grundy Center and Meskwaki Nation, Tama County Sheriff’s Office, Tama County Board of Supervisors,. Tama County Townships included are Buckingham, Carroll, Clark, Columbia, Carlton, Geneseo, Grant, Highland, Howard, Indian Village, Lincoln, Oneida, Otter Creek, Perry, Richland, Salt Creek, Spring Creek, Tama, Toledo and York. Tama County Engineer Lyle Brehm gave his weekly road report. Brehm says he has been preparing to receive bids on Highway D65 work , starting at U.S. Highway 63 and goind west three miles to the north intersection of N Avenue. Bids for the project were received by the Iowa Department of Transportation on Tuesday of last week. Brehm said the apparent low bid for the project is from PCI at $1,991,612.86. The second lowest bid was from Manatt’s at $1,991,769.47. The difference in the two is $156.61. Bids for several different projects are received at the same time. Contractors don’t know how many projects they will be successful on and want to stay busy, so they can bid on more projects that they are capable of completing. Prior to the bidding contractors can place a limit on the number of projects they will actually take on, so as to avoid having too much work. The Office of Contracts at the Iowa Department of Transportation still needs to determine who the successful bidder is. Work for this section of road is expected to commence sometime in the spring of 2012. Brehm says they are still hauling rock and blading roads. Minor shoulder work is being done where they are adding some rock in a few areas, but mostly involves pulling rock up against the pavement to minimize the drop-off from the pavement. Brehm says he has hired a contractor to lengthen a box culvert on Highway V37 north of Dysart. The existing culvert does not allow for much of a shoulder. Work on this project is expected to begin in the near future. The Iowa River Bridge on C Avenue, north of US Highway 30 in Indian Village Township is going well. A subcontractor is placing the concrete rail along the bridge. Members of the Iowa Valley Resource Conservation and Development Commission were present to give an informational report on what they are doing and how they are supported. Federal financing for the program has been discontinued so fund raisers are important for their office to continue. This commission is made up of two board membes from each of the six counties, Tama, Benton, Linn, Johnson, Iowa and Poweshiek and the Meskkwaki Nation. Two projects this commission has been responsible for are the Lincoln Highway biway, and Scenic Byways signs. One of the services this commission does is grant writing. For this purpose, contact Peter Hoedinle, 920 48th Avenue, Amana, Iowa. Claims approved for the past week came to $64,211.60.



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