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Hometown Nazareth VBS

June 17, 2011
Northern-Sun Print
Chapel and Garwin’s Community Bible School, “Hometown, Nazareth” was held the week of June 6-10 at Chapel Church and was led by Ann Jackson and Heidi Langenbau. Participating churches were Garwin UM Church, Garwin Christian, St. Boniface Catholic, and Chapel Church. About 120 children attended and 43 adults, junior high and high school students helped everyday. Each day the age-level tribes of Judah, Benjamin, Zebulun, Asher and Joseph sang, played games, built projects, and ate feasts of figs, grapes & food just like in Jesus‚ day. They also spent time visiting with Mary, wife of Joseph, in her home. Students learned that Jesus had a family, a name, a home, He went to church, and He served others...just like we do today! The week concluded with a powerful outreach program on Sunday, June 12, at Chapel at 10 am. Children sang their favorite songs; Mary, Eunice, Deborah and the Tax Collector performed a skit where they came to believe in Jesus as the Son of God; they watched a video of the week; and Randy Beichley, one of Chapel’s Sunday School superintendents, recognized those who helped this week by giving each one a VBS cookie, compliments of Chapel’s Age-Level committee. Students who attended included: 1. Judah (Preschool) - Austin Vaverka, Alivia Edens, Abby Parks, Jacob Cornwell, Avery Duden, Shelby Bovenmyer, Emilie Claussen, Colin Teske, Abby Kemp, Reese Dieleman, Bryson Kriegel, Codi Hulin, Grady Dieleman, Jabari Woodbury, Amelia Hutchinson, Jacob Collins, Cameron Sieh, Elly Sieh, Vada Bryant, Robert Lang, Hayley Balmer, Jordan Galloway, Emmitt Petermeier, Kennedy Unber, Macey Sanders 2. Benjamin (Kindergarten) - JJ Hornberg, Wyatt Jackson, Lewis Hass, Haylea Duden, Brayden Duden, Matthew DeSchamp, Gwen Schaffer, Noah Teske, Will Lookingbill, Carter Kemp, Ashlynn Johnson, Kaylee Faircloth, Karsyn Brockmeier, Meadow Knutson, Anna Price 3. Asher (Grades 1-2) - Katelyn Lookingbill, Lenah Hood, Bryce Edens, Jaiden Youngman, Alyssa Coop, Owen Bovenmyer, Zach Burgess, Owen Collins, Brayden Anderson, Jenna Yilek, Zach Krull, Alex Rico, Cooper Langenbau, Layne Murty, Chloe Cornwell, Ethan Espencheid, Conner Murty, Ashanti Rinehart, Kaci Krier, Stephenie Claussen, Ayden Kelly, Frances Jackson, Brock Teske, Angel Schewe, Abe Dieleman, Jace Hlas, Emma Beeghly, Moriah Groth, Nicholas Collins, Kennadi Sederburg 4. Joseph (Grades 3-4) - Seth Burgess, Jackson Edens, Jorell Handorf, Reahna VanRees, Alli Schaffer, Baily Anderson, Jordan Yilek, Hallie Claussen, Grace Schewe, Joe Cornwell, Kelsey Vaverka, Presley Bland, Tory Novotny, Jevan Stokely, Kyla Krier, Maddie Krull, Mable Dieleman, Christian Deam, Gracen Schrodt, Maesa Groth, Brian Kriegel, Alyssa Raymond, Ryan Hunt, Austin Strayer, Journey Miell, JJ Wilson, Brock Baldazo, Hunter Faircloth, Andrew Collins, Ethan Karsjen, Caleb Veseley 5. Zebulun (Grades 5-6) - Kasey Winters, Parker Welton, Evan Espencheid, Jazmen Stokely, Brendan Barnes, Nicholas Stegmann, Chase Deam, Cade Bovenmyer, Bryce Anderson, Tajia Williams Members of the Nazareth Betterment Society (teachers & helpers) - Lynne Bovenmyer, Melisa Dieleman, Summer Langenbau, Mackenzie Burt, Kari Hornberg, Kathryn Burt, Lexi Hornberg, Malaina Brunn, Morgan Burt, Carol Lamer, Karen Handorf, Larae Edens, Kenna Krier, Mike Schewe, Sierra Winters, Lois Groth, Cathy Vint, Jay Beichley, Nick Neidermann, Tammy Burt, Heidi Langenbau, Shannon Smith, Emma Schaffer, Amy Bland, Sonya Beichley, Susan Beichley, Lynn Handorf, Shirley Svendsen, Phyllis Mann, Connie Appelgate, Chris Deam, Kenan Hall, Cole Langenbau, Noah Winters, Chase Winters, Sue Koster, Claire Handorf, Diana Collins, Cimber Strayer, Curt Bacon, Matt Jackson, Dick Wagoner, Derek Kienzle, Luke Dvorak, and Ann Jackson. A big thank you to all the people who donated food and helped with Bible School in any way, including our supportive communities. Everyone was needed to make the week such a success!! We hope to see you again next year!

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