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Rebel Cross Country

November 5, 2010
Northern-Sun Print
Let’s pick up where we left off from the previous article. We went to Grundy Center to run and what a WET day we had. I don’t think in all of the years I have coached I have ever been as wet as I was that day. The JV girls got things started and it was raining pretty good by the time they were done. Times were actually not too bad considering the conditions. Claire, Tori, Hannah, and Tara all finished well with only a 34 second spread between them. The varsity girls were next to the start line and with gale force winds and rain pounding them, the gun went off. Hard to believe but again times were good and the time spread between #1 runner and #5 runner was only 27 seconds. Great job by Lauren to lead the Rebels with Emily, Sonya, Paige and Shelby close behind. Alex and Noah also had the rain to contend with during their race, I think the officials had decided at this point we were all soaked and couldn’t get any wetter than we already were, so just as well continue and finish this out. Alex brought home another varsity medal finishing in 11th place over all. The next contest was at Jesup and a much nicer day to run than the previous race. This invitational is ran a little differently than we are used to, there are two races on the course at the same time. The varsity girls started and 5 minutes later the JV girls’ gun went off. Most girls ran their fastest times yet of the season at today’s race. Great run by Lauren Bengen with a 17:48, Emily with a 17:56, Sonya with a 17:58, Paige with an 18:10 and Shelby with an 18:43. On the JV side of things Claire led the Rebels with a time of 19:17 followed closely by Hannah with a 19:32, Tara timed in at 20:24 and Tori with a 20:28, and Kelsey with a 21:18 to finish out the Rebels scoring. Alex finished 15th and received a medal and Noah finished 60th out of 125 runners at today’s race, so a great job by both of those two. Eldora proved to be as challenging as anticipated for all of the runners after our 17-mile run of the football the night before for the homecoming game. All-in-all everyone ran pretty well and the varsity girls averaged an 18:03 for their 4K and the JV girls averaged a 20:52. Alex again ended up with a medal for his efforts. Dike was another beautiful day to run and what a fantastic course to run on. Alex finished 22nd with his fastest time of the season a 17:49, with Noah on 38 seconds behind, great race for both of these boys. Again the varsity girls and JV girls ran well as a pack in each of their races. Sonya, Emily, Lauren ran their best race of the year so far at today’s competition. Girls finished 9th overall behind 7 rated teams represented here today. Union meet again times are coming down and several kids posted their best times of the season at this meet. Sonya, Lauren, Paige, Shelby, Steph, Tori, Claire, Tara, Kelli, Breanna, and Ashley all had their fastest time yet. We had an average time of 17:35 for the varsity girls and a 19:19 for the JV. Great job girls, you seem to be peaking at the right time, going into the conference and district meets. Alex and Noah also posted very good runs for the day. Alex 17th overall and Noah 42nd out of 94 runners. Conference meet is always a tough one for both the boys and girls. We have several rated teams within our conference which only proves to help us in the long run. Girls JV had an average team time of 19:04 for their best performance of the year. Girls varsity posted an average of 17:52 which was a little slower than earlier in the week, but still one of our best performances of the season. Alex Bovy just missed receiving Honorable Mention honors in 24th place. Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped that day I truly appreciate the extra effort put out by all of you to help me with this meet. There were 444 runners that day, so needless to say without your help it would not have gone near as smoothly as it did. Districts were held in Marshalltown at the Community College course. This course proves to be a challenging one and we thought we were all ready for that challenge. The boys ran first which is something different than we are used to. I don’t know if this made a difference in the performance, but Alex finished a disappointing 24th running about 40 seconds slower than he had been for the last several races. This put him out of qualifying for the state meet in Fort Dodge next week. But as I told Alex after the race, don’t let this disappointment consume you -because you had a fantastic senior year and I am very proud of his accomplishments. Noah is setting himself up to becoming a state qualifier in the next few years. He ran a great race and finished with a time of 19:00 for 33rd place out of 123 runners today. The girls had an average time for the team of a 17:58. Senior Lauren Bengen ran the best race of the season finishing 19th with a 17:18 time. Senior Sonya Beichley finished 29th with a 17:46. Sophomore Emily Snider finished in the 41st spot with an 18:06. Junior Shelby Oelschlager finished 43rd with an 18:16. Junior Paige Thompson finished 49th in 18:22. Those top five runners for the rebels were top five all season long and did a fantastic job leading the way for our JV runners. The other members of today’s district squad were Rachael Cheeseman and Claire Reinhard, who worked very hard to help out. And with this race it concludes the 2010 Rebel Cross Country season. You kids were a fantastic group to work with and I consider myself very lucky to have coached you. Good luck with the rest of your school year and athletics.


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